The members of Troop 93 extend you and your son a hearty welcome!

Our goal is not to be the largest Boy Scout troop in Monticello District. Rather, our adult leadership aims to focus on the individual scout in order to help develop character and leadership qualities through application of the aims and methods of scouting formulated by Scouting’s great founder Robert Baden-Powell (“B-P”) nearly a century ago:

“Men talk of having fine Troops of 60 or even 100-and their leaders tell me that their boys are equally well trained as in smaller Troops. I express admiration ("admiration" literally translated means "surprise"), and I don't believe them. "Why worry about individual training?" they ask. Because it is the only way by which you can educate. You can instruct any number of boys, a thousand at a time if you have a loud voice and attractive methods of disciplinary means. But that is not training-it is not education.”

We are a boy-run troop. If you’re expecting all troop events run like well oiled clockwork under the active leadership of a cadre of adult leaders who micromanage every aspect of the event, you won't find that with Troop 93. But, if like us, your expectation is that Boy Scouting will give your son the precious opportunity not found in most other youth organizations to actively lead other youth, then Troop 93 is for you. Our dedication to B-P’s Patrol Method is complete:

The Patrol is the unit of Scouting always, whether for work or for play, for discipline or for duty. An invaluable step in character training is to put responsibility onto the individual. This is immediately gained in appointing a Patrol Leader to responsible command of his Patrol. It is up to him to take hold of and to develop the qualities of each boy in his Patrol.

Moose Camporee 2012 Merit Badge List

Posted on Apr 11 2012 - 2:10pm

      Time is moving on and Moose is just over 30 days away.  We have a large number of scouts attending and as such, classes will fill up fast.  Please download the Merit Badge Master List and look over the available classes.  As I said, classes are filling so fast that 3 Merit Badges are no longer available so it there is a red strike through the class and discription, it nis now filld and closed.  I would like to email your class chooses by Sunday afternoon, so this is what I need from you.  Your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for a class. Each Troop has "one" spot in the Railroading merit badge class and as such, that slot will go to the first person requesting that class.

BSA Monticello Announcement: Voice of the Scout Survey

Posted on Mar 20 2012 - 11:55pm

As part of a national Boy Scout of America program, SJAC is excited to announce their participation in the Voice of the Scout. With over four million members, this program is being adopted as a key way to collect experiences and deliver upon the expectation of members as they participate in Scouting.

Jambo 2013 - Go Big. Get WILD!

Posted on Mar 20 2012 - 11:46pm

Great News.....The Stonewall Jackson Area Council is making history.


Merit Badge University & Brownsea Island

Posted on Mar 20 2012 - 11:34pm
University of Virgina

Merit Badge Courses
A program for all scouts. The Merit Badge University at the University of Virginia offers more than 20 merit badges taught by students and professors (many of whom are Eagle Scouts) at the University. This program is intended for scouts who have already completed their first year of scouting.

March Service Project at ECF

Posted on Mar 3 2012 - 11:43pm

Pictures from this morning's service project at Eden Christian Fellowship have been uploaded to the Troop Service Project photo album.  Pastor Green and others of the congregation had nothing but good things to say about the service provided by those members of Troop 93 who helped out.

Unit Scouter of the Year Award

Posted on Feb 19 2012 - 4:34am

Each unit in the Monticello District is allowed to nominate one Scouter from their unit to be honored with the "Unit Scouter of the Year Award."  The award is meant to recognize an adult volunteer who has given noteworthy service to the unit. 

The following is an excerpt of the letter which was sent to someone who has given "noteworthy service" to the Troop, its leaders, and to others:

"It is an honor to let you know that you have been selected as Troop 93's Unit Scouter of the Year!  I encourage you, your family and others in your unit to attend the District's Recognition dinner to be held on Thursday, 3/1/12 at First Baptist Church from 7:00 - 8:30 in the Fellowship Hall where we will recognize all recipients."

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